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Glenn Rieder partnered with S.O. Creative to revamp its website and create a digital salesperson to cater to modern clients. The new website showcases the company's expertise and capabilities through an extensive project portfolio, providing an easily accessible and engaging platform for potential clients.

Penetrating the Digital Sales Space with a Redesigned Website and Modern Brand Image.

Glenn Rieder, a custom architectural millwork manufacturer, has been providing exceptional services to prestigious clients since 1946. With more than 200 full-time skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spanning over 250,000 square feet, Glenn Rieder is known for its unrivaled quality and expertise in delivering breathtaking millwork for virtually every segment of the commercial market.

Despite its longstanding reputation and success, Glenn Rieder realized their website did not effectively communicate a contemporary brand or services to potential clients.

As a result, they decided to embark on a website redesign project to revamp their online presence and create a digital salesperson.

Marketing Objectives

Glenn Rieder recognized the importance of updating its website to become a digital salesperson, catering to the needs of modern clients who prefer to research and make purchasing decisions online. With the new website, Glenn Rieder aimed to showcase its expertise and capabilities in a way that was easily accessible and engaging for potential clients.

S.O. Creative, and Glenn Rieder partnered to redesign its website with a focus on:

  • Creating a “wow” factor and targeting different personas.
  • Showcase Glenn Rieder’s breadth of knowledge and experience,
  • Demonstrate traditional architectural woodworking to highly specialized and elaborate

New Website Structure

The first step was to create a modern and visually appealing website that would immediately capture the attention of visitors. It was designed with a focus on user experience, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they needed.

To demonstrate their experience and capabilities, Glenn Rieder added an extensive project portfolio to their website. It showcases their impressive work on prestigious projects across various sectors, including hospitality, gaming, institutional, performing arts, religious facilities, wineries, retail, corporate, and specialty projects. The portfolio helped potential clients understand the scope and scale of their capabilities and instilled confidence in their ability to deliver high-quality projects.

One of the most important aspects of Glenn Rieder’s success is its commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions. From project management, design, value engineering, material selection, fabrication, and installation, Glenn Rieder provides a full range of services to ensure that every project is completed on time and on budget. The new website makes it clear that Glenn Rieder is committed to delivering the best possible results for its clients.

Results are in the Numbers

The new website went live in April 2022, and the results have been impressive. Organic searches have gone up by 39% since the launch of the new site, indicating that the website is effectively attracting and engaging potential clients. The website has also seen a significant increase in traffic, with an average of 2,000 new visitors per month. This can be attributed to the new website’s improved SEO, which makes it easier for customers to find Glenn Rieder online. The website’s improved UX design has also resulted in a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in session duration, indicating that visitors are staying longer on the site and engaging more with the content.

Glenn Rieder’s website redesign has been a resounding success, with significant increases in organic search traffic, engagement, and leads. The company’s partnership with S.O. Creative has helped it to create a website that positions it as a leader in the custom architectural millwork industry, while also educating buyers about the process of creating custom millwork. With a proprietary tracking system and an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, Glenn Rieder is well-positioned to continue delivering the highest quality millwork and specialized interiors to prestigious clients for many years to come.

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