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Why a Visual Brand Identity Builds Equity

As the editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes once said, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” But something we’ve realized with many business owners is that they tend to create a logo, but put off investing into building a brand identity once the business is running

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What is Inbound Marketing for B2B?

B2B inbound marketing strategy is a form of digital marketing that generates demand before capturing it. By delivering your target audience the resources they desire, they are able to make informed business decisions. It centers on building trust and more meaningful relationships with your ideal customers through authentic interactions and helpful content. In doing

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Why An Online Presence Is Important for Your Business

An online presence puts your brand front and center as a reputable source, and helps you reach decision-makers your B2B company needs to influence. This B2B branding strategy positions your organization as a trusted industry authority and gives you the leverage you need to gain and retain high-value contracts. Discover why every B2B business—large and small—needs a digital presence and steps

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The Brand Development Process

The process of brand development has two components: emotional and scientific. You need to understand the science to help identify the emotional triggers that help attract, retain, and delight customers. This helps lead you to awareness and brand management. Brand Development — The Science Part The science part of brand development includes research, analysis,

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S.O. Creative Breaks Ground on Clutch

Every business out there wants to be heard, but not every one of them has something to say. With thousands of competitors flocking the online market, you shouldn’t just create noise; you should make your audience want to listen. This, of course, relies on the story you have to tell. At S.O. Creative, we

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How Much Does Marketing Cost?

Answering the question “How much does marketing cost?” is tricky. We can give you some examples of industry budgets and estimates, but it varies greatly depending on your revenue, your goals, and your market position. Established brands have a significant advantage, while newer entrants likely need to spend more to gain awareness. A new

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Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your Technology or Energy Company

Color can play an important role in the way people perceive your brand, products, and services. While color preference can be a personal preference, we also know that certain colors and color palettes evoke emotional responses that can influence behavior. The relationship between brand and color is more about appropriateness than anything else. Does

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How Marketing Automation Improves B2B Sales

If you’re a business owner, CEO or CFO of a $10 million to $200+ million business, marketing automation can shorten your sales cycle and accelerate revenue growth. In normal circumstances, the B2B client acquisition process has been challenging. B2B companies have longer buying cycles than ever. The buyers are involving more decision-makers and doing

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How to Increase Sales Efficiency During Social Distancing

Try not to think of the current economic downturn as the end of days but rather as a natural economic disruption (albeit a large one). The economy has a history of naturally expanding and contracting. If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve been through at least one large economic upset, such as the 2008 financial

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