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Why B2B Chemical Marketing For Your Business

B2B Chemical Buyers Choose Companies that Empower Digital Decision-Making

In the winner-takes-all environment of industrial chemicals, you should get more sales, revenues, and ROI from your chemical marketing company. 

68% of B2B buyers prefer companies to empower decision-making through a helpful online experience. 

S.O. Creative chemicals marketing agency helps you turn it on! We are experts in chemical industry marketing. We can help you seize great opportunities in the industry. We will also help you create a brand that appeals to your specific audience. Our expertise will attract major clients and assist stakeholders in making decisions.

S.O. Creative helped this chemicals company build a resonating online brand to get more high-value customers. See how.

Challenges Bring Opportunity in the Chemicals Industry

From complying with increasingly complex disposal, storage, and transport regulations to a lack of consistency in risk and procedure communication to companies not following procedures, chemical industries face many challenges. Challenges bring chances for B2B companies to innovate and share their solutions. 

Your chemicals advertising company helps you create a strong brand and message for these solutions. They make sure your brand connects with your target customers. We then build the look, feel and authority of your brand online.

B2B Chemical Buyers Want to Make Informed Decisions

An increasing number of B2B buyers prefer a self-driven experience. Nearly 80% of buying decisions are made before speaking with a salesperson. Your online presence can guide buyers through the decision-making process. We do it by offering a self-guided learning experience that aligns with your company’s mission, goals, and values. 

As customers engage with your brand online, you can prove that your chemicals company is the best option—without having to say it outright. Empower B2B customers to decide for themselves that they want to partner with you.

We can create a smooth online experience by connecting our marketing plan with your sales team. This will attract your target customers through various digital channels like websites, social media, email, search engines, industry publications, and directories. When you provide them with helpful online resources, they recognize your value and want to work with you.

This isn’t just effective. It’s replacing more traditional chemical industry marketing approaches. And it’s becoming how your customers—including legacy clients—expect you to keep their business.

How to Create a Resounding Message for B2B Chemical Companies Decision-Makers

Irrespective of your chemical company’s sector or specialty, it’s crucial to comprehend what your target audience wants from you. Consider your customers as an interviewer hiring top talent for a legacy chemicals company. What are they hiring your company to do? What does that interviewer want to know? How can you show them you’re the right candidate rather than just saying, “Hire me. I’m the right choice”?

Developing a deep data-based understanding will enable you to position chemical companies as the solution they seek.  At the end of the day, an astounding 88% of B2B buyers actively seek out firms with profound industry knowledge that can be directly applied to their unique needs.

Take us for example. We’re a marketing agency in Houston that focuses on the chemical industry. And we want to help you show off your skills to get and keep customers. This, in turn, propels your sales, boosts revenues, and fuels your overall growth. But we don’t just say it. We can prove it. We can show you…

See how S.O. Creative helped a chemicals company identify its ideal customers and build a resonating message to grow its customer base. 

Creating a Chemical Marketing Plan

Creating a successful marketing plan is vital in the highly complex chemical industry. Messaging matters whether you communicate with government agencies, business decision-makers, or the community.  At S.O. Creative, we appreciate the intricate role each facet of your marketing efforts plays. 

Every branding and advertising initiative must work flawlessly within your larger business goals. When you work with us, you gain access to chemical company marketing strategy experience. We help you create plans that match your goals and sales targets. 

Revealing Insights and Building Strategies. Discovery involves understanding the inner workings of your business. Is your brand resonating with customers? What’s working for you, and what isn’t?  This helps us create a long-term vision for performance—on both the revenues and expenses side of the equation. We dig into data to identify cost-reduction opportunities, boost ROI, and align marketing and sales to meet shared business objectives. Now, we have a custom plan that fits the chemical industry and your business goals. And we can get to work.

Research and Market Insights. To outshine your competitors in the chemical industry and expand your reach, narrow and refine your target audience. What are they dealing with? Why do they need your unique solutions? 

Our valuable market insights can eliminate waste trying to attract, nurture, or sell to people whose problems aren’t a good fit for your solutions. Our reports provide business intelligence for data-driven decision-making by analyzing audiences, competitors, and market trends.

We understand customer, community, industry, and agency perception matters in the chemical industry. We must ensure customers receive the branding messages the way you intend.

As a Houston marketing agency, our team employs a comprehensive 360-degree approach to shape your brand identity. We help your company connect with your customers through shared values. We focus on creating consistent brand standards and messaging. We work together to create a lasting identity that benefits your chemicals organization. 

Gaining Branding Insights. We perform a deep dive analysis of the unique environment in which your business exists—customers, competitors, regulations, etc. This uncovers opportunities we’re missing out on. You have to get into your customers’ heads. Figure out what their real motivators are. This helps us create a chemical brand identity that connects with them. 

Strategic Branding. Crafting a brand strategy is important for showing your unique value to customers and standing out from competitors. As your trusted marketing partner in the chemical industry, we map out a plan to establish resonance between your brand and audience. We refine your brand identity, promise, and voice. 

Effective Positioning. In the complex world of chemicals, setting your brand apart from the competition is crucial. Stakeholders in the companies you want to sell to need a reason to choose you. We effectively communicate your brand’s value and promise. The chemical business landscape is constantly changing. So, our positioning must evolve with it. We employ analytics for data-informed adaptation.

Building a Brand Identity. Your brand identity is how you present yourself to the world. We carefully assess your identity, customers, and competition. This leads to a style guide that enhances customer connections through marketing. At S.O. Creative, we create a unique chemicals brand image that connects with your audience and ensures lasting success.

Leaders in the chemical industry must project a brand that reflects their identity. Having a clear strategy and brand foundation is essential, but the real magic happens in the creative aspect. The chemical industry is no exception, whether you’re a century-old company or have entered the industry within the last 10-15 years. Our highly skilled team excels at crafting a unique style that captivates your audience and propels your business. 

Crafting Core Messages. The core message of your brand is pivotal in shaping how your audience perceives you. 

Harmonizing Sales and Marketing Messages. Seamlessly aligning your marketing and sales messages is crucial. This alignment is vital to meeting customer expectations. Maintaining a consistent brand appearance is important in a visually-oriented world. Establishing a consistent look and feel for your brand is a key driver for online visibility and brand recognition.

Digital advertising or marketing goes far beyond ad campaigns and cold calls. Since choosing a B2B chemicals company isn’t an impulse but, you need an influential brand presence to build trust you can leverage to open up the conversation. They need to know how your solutions solve their problems. Digital advertising increases visibility across the buyer’s journey.

SEO/PPC: We build search engine strategies for chemicals to make sure the right people are seeing you in their searches. This helps get ideal customers interested. It starts conversations among decision-makers.

Email Marketing: For large chemicals companies, email is critical to obtaining and retaining large accounts. It increases average order size and account lifetime value.

Social Media Engagement. A strong LinkedIn and Facebook presence is essential for building trust with B2B customers and leads. Social media is used as social proof and significantly affects business decision-makers’ choices. 

Video Marketing. Using videos, whether animated or explanatory, is great for generating leads. Short-form videos, in particular, boost ROI. Through them, show how customers benefit from your products. Video content creation is widely used in marketing strategies by many industries today because it works. 

Inbound Marketing and Content Strategy. By sharing helpful information that highlights your knowledge, this approach attracts customers to your sales process. To get leads, you need to know your buyer’s journey and target your audience along that path. We put in place proven inbound and content marketing strategies. A website is more than just a visual asset. It’s a functional one. We take great care to ensure your customers experience a seamless and frictionless interaction. Our designers and programmers use a reliable platform to create a website with simple navigation and an attractive design.

Your website is very important for your chemical company’s success. It can attract, inform, engage, influence, and even close deals. To meet your business objectives, turn your website into a functional extension of your brand. Design it to deliver on your sales targets. Both web design and web development play pivotal roles in this regard. 

Chemical Industry Web Design. This includes how visitors interact with your website’s visual and interactive parts. A good website brings in many potential customers by guiding them to request a quote, schedule, etc.
Web Development. This aspect determines how your website functions. It ensures your site meets technical best practices regarding navigation, speed, and function. To fully unlock your business’s potential, both web design and web development are essential. 

User Experience Design & Optimization. UX is a strategic and intuitive content arrangement that compels sales. It sets successful websites apart. When your website meets visitor expectations, it encourages them to keep interacting with it. Analytics drives UX success. We watch how customers interact with your site to optimize the revenues you generate from it.

Check out how S.O. Creative assisted a chemicals company in creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy. This plan helped them attract more potential customers and expand their client base. 


It’s time to turn the lights on. Let B2B customers see who you truly are. It all starts with creative and effective marketing.

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