Analyzing marketing data and business goals, we transformed the brand of one of the largest California Bay-area landscaping companies. We created a new logo, a new website, even a unique new vocabulary to differentiate them—achieving demonstrable results in just six months.

Helping a Successful Landscaping Firm Grow 
Brand Awareness.

Serpico is a professional landscaping company that serves HOAs in the California Bay Area. Started with one truck and a dream, the company has flourished into one of the largest firms in the Bay Area by putting customers first. After almost 30 years in business, it was time to rebrand the look and messaging of Serpico across the board. This included a new website and marketing campaign to help further business growth.

Digging Deeper Into the Market Situation

S.O. CREATIVE started by doing a deep dive with Serpico’s leadership team to understand their challenges, goals and sensibilities. We then analyzed the Serpico marketing data from the Serpico Team and select industry sources. From there, we crafted an advertising strategy and editorial calendar that would increase Serpico’s already strong reputation and leverage that reputation with savvy Bay Area HOA Board Members, Community Managers and Commercial Property Owners.

Redefining Landscaping Excellence

In California’s Bay Area, Serpico Landscaping is a standout in several areas:

  • It’s not only a pioneer, but a leader in “Certified Green”
  • Industries
    It’s an expert in Water Use and Conservation
  • It’s specializes in landscaping for HOA’s and commercial property owners

To drive these points home to Serpico’s largest audiences, S.O. Creative created a campaign using fresh terms and language, such as “Partnerscaping,” “Dreamscaping”, “Waterscaping”, and more.

In essence, the campaign redefines what landscaping excellence should while speaking directly to Serpico’s unique selling points in a way that is both modern and memorable.

Revamping Their Look and Feel

The S.O. CREATIVE team developed several logo looks for Serpico to choose from, focusing on freshness and simplicity. The winning logo is simple in design, yet highly memorable, in tones of earth and green. It is a mark that will work well on all applications from business cards to service trucks.

Our team redesigned the website to align with the new brand look and overarching brand strategy. To ensure the website would deliver long-lasting organic web traffic, we made sure to design and develop the website in-line with SEO best practices. The end result is a website that functions as beautifully as it looks.

Marketing the New Brand

To increase brand awareness and generate leads, we delivered industry-specific content in the form of case histories, blogs and a landscape contractor comparison toolkit. The content provided invaluable information that the target audience can use in their own business, such as how Serpico provides ROI, the value of different water-saving services, and how to better serve HOA residents. In this way, the target audience can glean some quality expertise in exchange for their contact information.

We then strategically aligned the content releases with the seasonal needs of HOAs and commercial property owners. We used a combination of the following marketing and advertising channels:

  • e-mail blasts
  • search engine marketing
  • social media marketing (organic and paid)
  • on-going SEO consulting

How Serpico’s New Brand is Taking Root

The Serpico Team takes great pride in the refreshed brand look, and the new messaging that more accurately reflects their expertise and commitment to providing quality service. Another strong point is the website, which deepens their current client’s understanding of their expertise and services, and features images of the landscapes they’ve designed and cared for in the Bay Area. Current clients have responded with requests for additional services and new clients are willing to pay a higher price for Serpico’s premium services rather than going with a lower bid from a competitor.

Within the first 6 months, our digital marketing strategy delivered a 106% increase in number of website sessions and an 80% improvement in bounce rate. The new brand messaging resonated with prospects and generated 21 requests for quotes. Serpico gained 15 new client accounts and saw a 6% increase in annual revenue. Serpico continues to enjoy steady growth from our marketing campaign; 18 months into the campaign they saw a 50% increase in requests for quotes (compared YOY). Prospective clients can clearly see the value in Serpico’s expertise and quality of service. In fact, new clients are willing to pay Serpico up to 2x more than their previous landscaping contractors.

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