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Why Houston B2B Oil & Gas Marketing for Your Business

In the opportunity-rich world of oil and gas, you should get more from your O&G marketing company. 

S.O. Creative O&G advertising agency helps you turn it on! to reach to attract and connect with these customers online. As O&G marketing experts, we help you capitalize on rich O&G opportunities, build resonating brand messages, draw in your ideal B2B buyers, and guide them through the decision-making process.

Opportunities Drive Revenue: Need for Oil and Gas Advertising Agency Never Greater

The global oil and gas industry is worth approximately $700 billion. We have seen a significant increase in demand since the pandemic and a rise in commodity prices as more normal international trade and travel resume and drive this industry’s performance.

Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell still control the global markets. Saudi Aramco has the largest market share, worth $230 billion.

The past decade has seen a strong push toward renewable resources. But people still question renewable energy sources’ reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. This represents an opportunity for established oil & gas companies like yours to communicate how your company is investing in more efficient and sustainable practices.

Embracing Opportunities in the Regional Oil & Gas Market

Regionally, world politics, tightening state regulations, and the availability of resources continue to impact profits and projections. These represent challenges but also opportunities for those in O&G across segments, making oil and gas marketing crucial to continued success. We don’t tell you where to take your company. We build a resonating message around the direction you want to go.

Are you leveraging opportunities like these:

  1. Economies worldwide are growing, creating more need for oil and gas products and services. Companies can use these opportunities to enter new markets. You can stand out from competitors and increase market share. 
  2. Oil and Gas companies use digital technologies to improve exploration, production, transportation, and revenue. These innovations include cleaner energy practices and more efficient processes. This represents new possibilities for market expansion, growth, and competitive advantage.
  3. Regional regulations are squeezing the profits out of many companies. View this as a chance to solve problems in the B2B oil and gas industry.

Our Houston oil and gas advertising agency promotes oil and gas businesses online and in the community. We create and share brand messages, attract new customers, and enhance industry reputation. This directly impacts your ability to make sales and maintain existing accounts.

Reaching Unique Oil and Gas Segment Audiences

The industry has many segments, all critical to the continued success of O&G as a whole. Each area has its unique challenges to explore. An oil and gas marketing company helps you lean into your strengths and maximize opportunities. We help you find the best marketing approach to reach and connect with your target buyers.


Upstream includes B2B companies built around oil and gas exploration and production. These can consist of products, services, digital technologies, equipment, and more that make upstream possible. If you’re here, your target audience will likely be government agencies and other oil and gas companies. Upstream has an estimated value of $1.4 trillion that your company can tap into and grow market share.


If your company focuses on oil and gas transportation and storage, you’re in the midstream. Your target audience is often refineries and utility companies. Approximately 20 cents for every dollar made in oil and gas goes to midstream companies.


Downstream, you’re in refining and retail. Your target audience uses the end product of gas, diesel, or jet fuel. So, you may be targeting trucking, aviation, and other transportation companies that rely heavily on your oil and gas. Upstream is facing tremendous growth right now as pre-pandemic travel and transport levels resume. 

Importance of Marketing Strategy for Oil and Gas

Regardless of the segment your organization falls into, you must understand what your target audience needs from you so you can communicate that you’re the one to provide it. 

88% of B2B buyers seek out companies with deep industry knowledge and an understanding of how that knowledge applies to their company.

We are a Houston oil and gas marketing company that helps you demonstrate your knowledge to attract leads and keep customers loyal. This drives sales, revenues, and growth.

How to Market Oil and Gas Products: Key Components

Marketing and advertising strategy is pivotal in today’s competitive oil & gas landscape. S.O. Creative understands the intricate role that each component of your marketing plays. All advertising activities must work in harmony with each other and your broader business goals. We use our experience in oil and gas to create strategic plans that align with business goals and sales.

  • Discovery and Insights: Discovery reveals a long-term vision to enhance performance. It uncovers data to help us reduce costs, increase ROI, and embrace marketing and sales alignment to meet shared business goals.Our strategic roadmap includes a clear action plan developed for O&G and your unique business needs and goals. 
  • Research: To outshine your O&G competitors and expand your market share, you must reveal your ideal customers and how best to reach them. We provide market insights that help you maximize your marketing budget. Our O&G reports on audience, competitors, and market give valuable business information for data-smart decisions.

We will help you create a strong brand that appeals to your customers. We turn it on! In the energy sector, to drive sales growth in the oil and gas industry.

We understand how crucial a strong brand is in the modern O&G environment. It’s vital that the way you want to communicate matches how your customers understand it. At your Houston-based S.O. Creative oil and gas marketing company, our team employs a comprehensive 360-degree assessment to develop your brand identity. We bridge the gap between your company and customers’ hearts and minds. We focus on creating consistent brand standards and messaging. Together, we build a sustainable identity that brings substantial ROI.

  • Insights: We analyze the business environment to find opportunities. We go beyond understanding your target customers’ goals and challenges. This helps us gain deeper insights. And these insights enable the development of a brand identity that resonates.
  • Strategy: Creating a brand strategy helps you show your brand to customers and stand out from competitors, leading to higher profits. As your oil and gas marketing company, we craft a plan that generates resonance between your brand and customers. And we define and refine your brand identity, promise, and voice.
  • Positioning: Differentiation from competitors is crucial. We help you define your brand’s position and effectively communicate its value and promise. This positioning is dynamic and requires ongoing analysis and agility.
  • Identity: Your brand identity is how you present yourself to the world. We assess your current identity, customers, and competition. Then, we create a style guide to help you connect with customers through marketing.

S.O. Creative builds a unique and resonating brand image that connects with your audience and ensures long-term success.

Oil and gas leaders need to have a brand that reflects their identity. A well-defined strategy and brand foundation are a must. But the creative aspect is where the magic happens. Oil & Gas is no exception whether you work in a 100-year-old company or have entered the industry over the past 10-15 years. Our skilled team will create a unique style that captivates your audience and helps your business.

  • Core Messaging: The core brand message is vital for your marketing. It affects how people see you.
  • Sales Messaging: We ensure your marketing and sales messages align seamlessly. To meet customer expectations, your core marketing and sales messages must align.
  • Visual Integration: In a visually-driven world, a cohesive brand appearance is vital. Creating a consistent look and feel for your brand is critical to gaining online attention and boosting brand recognition.

To discover how these services can transform your oil and gas company’s brand identity, let’s talk. We’re here to help you achieve a brand that resonates with your audience and aligns with your goals.

Digital advertising or marketing is more than running an ad campaign. It builds an online presence across channels your target audience engages with and uses to make buying decisions. 

  • SEO/PPC: These strategies aim to dominate search results by targeting specific queries. They ensure your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time. They also enhance engagement and generate leads.
  • Email: Building relationships with customers through email is essential. A permission-based email list with engaged subscribers can yield impressive ROI. Consistently delivering on the promise made in the welcome email can keep subscribers interested and increase revenues generated through this medium.
  • Social Media: A solid presence on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook is crucial for building trust with customers and leads. Social media serves as social proof and influences business decision-makers’ choices.
  • Video. From animations to explainers, videos are highly engaging and effective for generating leads. Short-form videos, in particular, offer a high ROI. Many industries now spend a lot of money on creating videos for marketing purposes because they work!
  • Inbound/Content: This plan attracts customers to your sales process. It does so by offering helpful decision-making content and demonstrating your deep O&G industry knowledge. To generate leads, you must deeply understand the buyer’s journey and target audience. We use proven inbound and content marketing strategies.

A website is more than visual. It’s functional. And we take great care to ensure your customers’ experience is frictionless. Our designers and programmers use a trustworthy platform to create your site. The site has easy navigation and a design that appeals to users.

A high-performing website is your oil and gas company’s most important digital asset. It can attract, entice, educate, entertain, influence, and even close deals for you. 

To this end, it should be a functional extension of your energy brand to deliver your sales targets. Having a website isn’t enough. To achieve your business goals with this site, you need design and development that attracts your audience, keeps them engaged with your content, and makes them want to visit again.

Oil & Gas Web design This is the look and feel of a website, what’s on the page and how visitors interact with it. Your website design as a business is meant to create more leads by using optimized sales funnels and conversion pathways. 

Web development determines how it functions. Is navigation streamlined and effective? Is it fast? Both web design and web development are critical to business success. If either one is missing, the website does not live up to its true potential.

User Experience Design is a strategic and intuitive arrangement of content that compels sales. When websites look, feel, and work as your visitors expect, they continue interacting with that website. UX-focused design can significantly increase quality website traffic, conversions, and sales. It can also support customers post-sale to increase customer satisfaction and advocacy.

O&G Digital Strategy and Roadmap involve plans to maximize the ROI of your site. It consists of leveraging all your digital assets like website, social media profiles, email, and business profiles to meet website and business goals.

It’s time to turn the lights on. Let B2B customers see who you truly are. It all starts with creative and effective marketing.

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