Brand Development

Perception: making sure that message sent is message received.

A 360-degree assessment of your business is instrumental in our development of your brand identity. It’s how we uniquely define that space between your company and your customers—how you are perceived in their hearts and minds. Establishing brand standards and messaging, we specialize in creating a consistent identity that builds momentum and pays dividends over time.

Brand Services

Insights - Assessing the environment for opportunities

Many companies understand their target customer's goals and challenges. However, they need more insights to deliver solutions that align with their expectations, preferences, and intent. Because of this, companies struggle to develop a brand identity, experience, and voice that connects with customers.

Brand insights illuminate your target customers, brand perception, strengths and weaknesses, awareness and consideration, loyalty, word of mouth, and threats and opportunities in the current and future marketplace.

Strategy - Developing a blueprint for resonance

Brand strategy is a blueprint for presenting your brand to your customers and determining how they'll distinguish you from your competitors. It's the sum of your brand's personality, values, and customer experiences. Brands that can consistently present themselves to customers have an average of 23% higher revenues.

Applying proven branding strategies, we develop a plan for generating this resonance between your brand and customers. This blueprint clarifies your brand identity, promise, voice, architecture, experience, positioning, and how branding strategy can support building and maintaining an impactful brand.

Positioning - What differentiates you from competitors

Positioning matters in any market. It differentiates you from competitors and lets customers know your company is the right choice for them. Clarifying and strengthening your brand positioning helps you communicate your value proposition and brand promise more effectively. It allows you to generate memorable experiences across each buyer's multiple touchpoints with your brand. Furthermore, positioning is vital to building a robust company culture.

But positioning is a moving target. Like a game of chess, when your competitor makes a move, you need to counter and ideally think 10 moves ahead to control the board. Positioning requires ongoing analysis and organizational agility when faced with shifting technological, customer, economic, and competitive landscapes.

Identity - Creating brand standards, guides, logos, and voice

Brand identity is the way you present yourself to the world and how you want your customers to perceive you. It includes brand standards, guides, logos, fonts, website functionality, and voice as well as the brand experience you create with your brand identity. With your identity, you'll tell your unique story to resonate with customers.

Consistently communicating a brand identity across marketing channels like LinkedIn, your website, print and digital ads, and email is critical because the typical B2B buyer will interact with your brand in multiple places.

We evaluate your current brand identity, customers, and the competitive landscape in which it exists to determine the brand identity customers will resonate with. We then develop a blueprint and style guide to clarify your identity and how you'll present yourself to the world across the digital and print channels where you connect with potential and existing customers.

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