Does Your Brand Look Big Enough? Would You Hire You?

Just as people can be larger than life, a brand can do the same. Creating a brand with an authentically strong character that can stand beside the big boys is central to success. And the good news is, even smaller brands who think that branding takes deep pockets or a chain of national offices, can do it. With a solid brand profile and the right brand strategy in place, your brand can punch above its weight and be perceived as big as you want it to. So what does it take to make your brand appear larger than it is?

Be bold

Start by being bold with your brand’s personality. A strong brand personality can elevate your business in the eyes of your customers. The key to this strategy is to start out bold and stick to it regardless of any potential criticism. Taking a stand can help you define a brand profile that outshines your competition consistently. Next, have clearly defined brand values. When your brand stands for something that matters to your target audience, your customers can feel like they’re part of something bigger whenever they interact with your brand.

Get emotional

Strong emotions are key to a larger-than-life brand personality. People buy with emotion and justify their purchase with rationale. Whether humorous or dramatic, brands that make customers feel strongly about something that matters to them are far more memorable than the brands that have no emotional connection with their audience. So get emotional, because successful branding is a two-way interaction between the brand and the customer.

Define your big “why”

What’s your brand’s mission? Apple wants people to enhance lives through technology. Coca-Cola wants everyone to be happy. Your mission can be just as relevant and big as their missions. Your “why” is an integral part of the way you do business and interact with the world around you. Most importantly it’s about what you do, with or for your customers and how you want them to feel.

Dress the part

Last, but by no ways least, your brand needs to have a visual presence that says, “We are professional and we care enough to invest in our marketing presence to be taken seriously.” If you don’t look professional, why should customers take you seriously? So take a good look at your brand’s online presence or even offline presence. And ask yourself, would I hire me based on what I see?” You just may be surprised at your answer.

At S.O. CREATIVE, we focus on helping you develop and manage a dynamic, magnetic brand that attracts your ideal customers and drives growth. Let’s talk ideas that drive business!

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