Author name: Sherri Oldham

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Developing Your Brand Is Developing Your Business

Building your brand is a crucial part of developing your business. It’s the foundation for giving your company a voice, identity, value, and awareness among potential customers. Branding is all about perception. How your target audiences perceives you and what they think of you can make all the difference in growing your business.

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Think it’s Time to Refresh Your Brand?

Is your brand look, feel and messaging consistent with who you are today? Or is it out of date and off the mark? Things change quickly in the business world and if your brand doesn’t match your brand promise and differentiators, then it’s definitely time to refresh. Brand updates are crucial to keeping your brand relevant to consumers. What worked last year doesn’t necessarily work this year.

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Why Should a Company Rebrand?

Companies invest a lot of money and effort into building a brand. So why rebrand? Companies have to be diligent about what is happening with their brand and the current business environment. Reasons for rebranding range from negative brand reputation to loss of brand relevancy to legal disputes over the ownership of a brand name.

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Marketing Alternative Fuels to the Trucking Industry

I recently attended the ACT Expo 2015 (Alternative Clean TransportationExpo) held in Dallas, the industry’s largest clean fleet expo. Conversations ranged from topics such as the best options for alternative fuel, to the introduction of driverless trucks, and how the price of oil could affect the economy. Click further to see our take-aways.